Hi, I'm Andrew!

I am a Dutch film director, writer and producer. In 2011, I moved to Brussels, Belgium where I attended film school at the LUCA School of Arts (formerly known as St. Lucas). After film school, I went to study film at Leiden University and Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Over the years, I made several short films and a few feature films.

A lot has happend in the past decade. I had the privilege to work with amazing people. Many of them are still part of my equipe. There are many new adventures waiting to be made. Too many to mention here. If you want to contribute to one of these beautiful projects, please let me know!

Première in cinema

Beautiful images show a film. Good sound gives film a voice. But the foundation of a good film is a good story. In the end, film makers are storytellers, not image makers or radio broadcasters. Visitors are captivated by the story. That's what makes every film unique. In an era when view(s) seems more important than everything else the story is the only element that brings uniqueness to the film.

But the image and sound are only a vehicle to bring the story to the viewer. That is why I believe in the power of the story. I put a lot of time, attention and energy into developing the script. I get help from other experienced filmmakers. Only when that is perfect can the production proceed to the next phase. Your images can be so beautiful, the sound so clear. But if the story is bad, doesn't the film violates its own definition?