The Hague Schools

Scholengroep Den Haag Zuid West consists of three high schools.

SGDHZW is the largest education group in south-west The Hague. The group has schools focusing on practical education, economics, technology and preparatory science. A very wide range, so there always is an educational programme for every child. We made videos for the various locations of the group of schools.

Client: Scholengroep Den Haag Zuid-West
Project management: K. Bun
Directed by: Andrew van der Ven

this is the future


This is an old project. We are proud of where we came from, of the people we worked with, of the companies we made beautiful things for. It may not meet today’s quality standards. But we would like to show that there is progression in the quality of our work. Every year we get a little better, and we are proud of that.