Andrew van der Ven

The world is full of beautiful, surprising, interesting stories. Every story is worth telling. But it has to be done properly. A story really comes into its own through a cross-media approach. We can use the visual power of film, the persuasiveness of theatre, the sensitivity of music or the profligateness of painting. The combination of all these factors leads to an interdisciplinary interplay, or, in other words, the ultimate experience of a story.

Film maker, since 2007

I was seventeen years old when I was working on my first feature film. Although this feature film was never realised, it did start my career. I moved to Brussels to study at the film academy. After returning to the Netherlands, I got my master’s degree in media studies at Leiden University.

Since 2007, I have been active in film industry. I have made feature films, commercials and short films. Since then, I have helped large and small organisations tell their story through the power of film. The common thread running through all my work is the story. The story is the basis for all visual work ever made, be it painting, theatre or film.

Since the story is the most important component of a film, I pay very close attention to it. A well crafted story will lead to a well crafted film.


  • Master of Media Studies
    Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • Film and Literary Studies
    Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • Fiction Film
    Luca School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium
  • Extracurricular activities
    Utrecht University

Based in The Netherlands, operating worldwide.

Over the years, I have developed many warm ties with talented creators from all over the world. I regularly collaborate with these makers.

Even during the production of my first (real) feature film, Sunny Juliette, I wanted to shoot abroad. I wanted to push for a pan-European co-production based on the idea that filmmakers from different backgrounds can strengthen each other creatively.

I still enjoy working with makers from different countries. And I also keep looking for international cooperation.


My work was nominated for several awards


One Earth Award

The short film Summer Trains Leading Nowhere wins an One Earth Award.


Los Angeles Cinefest

Chasing the Sun becomes finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest.


Bali International Film Festival

Chasing the Sun nominated for Bali International Film Festival.


Roots Film Festival

Chasing the Sun nominated for Roots Film Festival.


The Hague Film Festival

Sunny Juliette selected for The Hague Film Festival

I am very grateful for all the festival nominations and awards my work has received. Together with countless talents, I go to great lengths to deliver the best quality possible. In all weathers, under sometimes pitiful conditions, we stay behind the camera. In the end, we do it for you, the viewer.


Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful or valuable